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Congratulations. You’ve found your coaching home!

I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you. As a first step toward establishing our working relationship, please select which initial contact option you’d prefer to get started with.

Consultation/Discovery Call ($45): This is a 20-minute phone call to discuss your needs and provide guidance on a course of action. This is required for clients who wish to develop an ongoing coaching relationship.

To select this option, CLICK HERE to remit payment then CLICK HERE to schedule our meeting.

Single Session ($150): This is one hour-long virtual session that can be completed via phone call or Zoom. This is recommended for clients looking for direction in specific areas to gain clarity and improve their quality of life. MAY BE USED AS AN EXTENDED DISCOVERY CALL IF DESIRED.

To select this option, CLICK HERE to remit payment, then CLICK HERE to schedule our meeting.

The appropriate scheduling link for your meeting type will also be provided on your payment confirmation screen.

You may also remit your payment via CashApp to $katjtoler or Zelle to! Be sure to include your mobile phone number in the memo section so that I can match it to your client account.

I look forward to working together to transform your life!


Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns
in order to look at things in a different way
.” –
Edward De Bono


My coaching style is anything but orthodox! Your experience will be just as unique as you are because at Kat J Toler Coaching, “cookie-cutter” programs are not a means to our end. As we explore your challenges and establish your goals, the roadmap will design itself.

I believe in trusting the process and allowing the path to unfold naturally along the journey we are about to embark on together. Every step of the way is catered to where you are and what your needs are in that moment.

From session to session, you can rest assured that the work we are doing will be completely relevant to your present concerns. I pride myself on my innovative style and being a revolutionary in the coaching realm.

My guess is, if you’ve reached this point in the process you are as nonconformist as I am and are looking for a coach who can relate and provide you with an individualistic approach.

My clients appreciate the soulful way I coach! I am grateful for the opportunity to be impactful in the lives of those who trust me to guide them. Here’s what they’re saying about the work we’ve done together:

“I’ve gone to several therapists and have worked with two other life coaches before hiring Kat. I had pretty much lost hope in finding someone I could connect with in a way that would be helpful to my process, but from about 10 minutes into my consultation I knew this was exactly the fit I had been looking for. I had no idea even then how right I was! The way you went about things was totally different than what I was used to and it was just the right switch I needed to get results this time. Thank you. A thousand times over, thank you!”  


“Working with you has been life changing. I was skeptical at first. It actually took me a while to think about even doing the first meeting, but you made me feel comfortable. The feedback you gave during our talk that day knocked the wind out of me in the best way. It was like, wow. Somebody gets it. She really understands where I’m coming from. The coaching sessions were sometimes really difficult, but always exactly what I needed. I wish everybody I knew would hire you. The world would be a better place!” 


“Kat is so easy to talk to and every conversation is transformative.”


“I rate your services 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. Best investment I could have ever made and so glad I did.”


“A little over a month ago, I took my own advice… I made the decision to make the necessary changes, and do some innter healing, and guidance. Beginning with getting Life Coaching with Kat J Toler. She’s an amazing coach! If that’s something you’ve ever considered or maybe even haven’t but thnk you might benefit from it, I HIGHLY recommend her.”


“You were like the closest thing to God’s voice during our calls. So pure that I almost cried many times. You are amazing. Everyone should get them a coach like you who will be honest with them about what they need to do RIGHT NOW.”



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Have an impactful day!

Email or text (980) 292-4680 with any questions.