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I really enjoyed reading this. The words Kat used in this collection were powerful. I felt them. They made me think. A few of my favorite pieces were Release and Unbreakable. I have read through the entire book and I already want to read it again. Kat is a talented a writer. This book book is full of emotion and I love it!
One Stop Mom

– Review of My Name is Rage

This was one of those books that I read cover to cover in one sitting. She has a way of invoking feelings inside of you that you did not think you were capable to confront. makes you feel and think of your own feelings without shame. I adore this book and it sits on my bookshelf next to my most memorable books.
Tracy Skellen

– Review of My Name is Rage

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Kat J. Toler

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I am an addict of falling in love, but you had me.
You had me, but you didn’t know what to do with me.
It was not flattering,
the way your whole world revolved around me…
and now you don’t know what to do without me.

I tried to make myself feel. I tried to make myself heal.

But it was dark and you made it darker.
You had me, but you brought a sadness.
When you had me, I kept myself contained.
I made all the right moves.
Yet now you are confused by my natural madness.

I tried to make myself fit. I tried to make myself float.

But it was deep, and you drowned me.
You had me and because you had me, I couldn’t swim.
I was engulfed by your savagery
and pulled apart by waves I never saw coming.

I tried to make myself bend. I tried to make myself not do this again.

But I loved hard and you couldn’t love me enough.
You had me, but you couldn’t take me as I was.
You needed to keep me pressed underneath your thumb
and I never felt the freedom to control who I’d become.
Always eggshell-stepping, always smiling through your storm.

I tried to make myself calm…
in denial about the harm I endured inside your arms.
When you had me, I tried to believe we somehow belonged,
but my wishful thinking was never powerful enough
to make you feel like home.

About the Author

Kat J. Toler

Author/Life Coach

Kat J. Toler is a lover of the collective human experience. Her writing, which she began at the tender age of 7, reflects the addiction she has to falling in love with life through words.

As an author, she inspires readers with resonant expressions. As a life coach, she assists people with determining and working through the steps necessary to uncover and experience their most authentic, purposeful, and fulfilled lives.

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