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Kat J Toler, Author
Life Empowerment, Relationship, and Business Coach

I help clients create a life of vision, intention, and purpose.

Together, we establish where you are (Point A) and define what you desire as Point B.

From there, we develop a strategic road map to achieve your goals.

Welcome! You are in the right place...

The fact that you are here reading this tells me that you are the type of person who values quality in life and have arrived in a space where you are feeling stuck – sure that you want to move, but uncertain of your next step, unsure of the direction that is right for you. 

I am so proud of you for knowing that you deserve to create your life’s vision! Whether that involves resolving mindset challenges, building healthier and more connected relationships, setting and reaching personal goals, finding a sense of happiness and purpose, creating success in your professional spaces, achieving work-life balance, or becoming an entrepreneur I am HERE for this with you.

Let’s get started! Take the first step by scheduling a consultation.



Do you find yourself frustrated and often wondering just why it is that you're even here? You're not alone. Needing a reason for being is a human condition.

This coaching program is geared toward helping you uncover your passions, find your purpose in them, and incorporate that into your life in order to feel a deeper sense of fulfillment.


Are you often confused about your feelings? Is it challenging for you to identify what it is that you feel or understand why you feel that way? Has this impacted your life negatively?

This coaching program was designed specifically for clients who are ready to question their own belief systems, live in their truth, and find balance in order to avoid reacting from an emotional place.


Are you single, but desire a relationships and want to be ready for it when you connect with a suitable partner? Are you in a relationship with challenges you've had a hard time working through?

This coaching program is for EVERYONE who ever wants a healthy connection. You will learn tools to better understand yourself and others, improve your communication skills, and MUCH more.


Do you feel as though something is simply missing no matter how full your life is? Many people find themselves in "ruts" throughout life, unable to find their happiness.

This coaching program was developed to assist with discovering and evaluating your emotional attachments in order to create happiness from within that is independent of your environment.


Have you always dreamed of creating a life of freedom, independent of the confines of traditional employment but don't know where to begin or have a hard time believing in your own success?

This coaching program is for YOU! Not only will we do the work necessary to have your business ready to rock in as little as 8 weeks, but we will also tackle limiting mindsets that have held you back!


Let me guess... You know what you want, but you struggle with the confidence you need to really get to that pot of gold you can see at the end of your rainbow, right?

This coaching program is going to change your life! You will learn simple yet powerful tools to help process your thoughts and then organize, strategize, plan, and execute like a BOSS!

Where you are is a GREAT place to start!



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