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My Name is Rage

The poetry & musings in this book will peel back the layers of your soul, uncovering buried traumas that need to heal in order to find your bravest self…

When I began this project, I told myself this book would be the easiest one I will ever publish – a collection of the things I’ve written over the years. I was convinced that I would love creating this work, the refreshing simplicity of it. Then I began the compilation process and realized the naivety of thinking it would be easy, but also how right I had been about loving the process – the creation of this tangible and passionate expression of the human experience.

I realized how naked and vulnerable releasing this book would make me feel, but also how freeing that is. For most of my life, these writings have been my diary wherein I processed all of my feelings into bits and pieces that were digestible and helped me make sense of my own identity and my own humanity… helped me to find the inspiration in my pain; to discover and own my personal truths.

It is my hope that you find pieces of yourself on each page. I expect that the experience will be different every time as your perspective changes with your evolution of self. I am confident that each time you return, you’ll find what it is that you’re looking for.

My intention is to connect with the part of you that feels alone, the part that wonders if anyone else feels this way, the part that seems to be misunderstood, the part where something is missing… and bring you on a journey that leaves you feeling more whole.

Let’s find ourselves together… Purchase and review My Name is Rage on Amazon: Paperback | Kindle!