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This Do-It-Yourself (or DIY) program consists of 12 weekly tasks, each of which lead into the next and each of which depend on the completion of the previous week's assignments. Some weeks have 2 levels of completion and the entire program requires your commitment and accountability. The structure of the program is designed to move you into achieving your desired goal or milestone within 3 months. Access is granted for 2 additional weeks to allow for unexpected life events, but your success relies heavily on your ability to commit and be disciplined. Answer some things for yourself...
  1. Could you do so much more if you could figure out HOW to go about it?
  2. Does it seem that you're experiencing the same existence day after day, having the same thoughts in a repetitive cycle?
  3. Do you find yourself feeling stuck and/or unfulfilled in your relationships, career, or life in general?
  4. Have you missed out on opportunities because you lacked the confidence to believe in your own success?
  5. Do you struggle with creating actionable plans to take consistent steps toward your goals?
  6. Have you found it challenging to even set goals or decide what it is that you want?
If you answer YES to any of these, being coached could transform your entire life. Now answer the following:
  1. Would you like to feel more alive, more inspired, and more fulfilled?
  2. Do you find yourself trying to "find" happiness by being involved in things, or with people?
  3. Are you wanting to feel more energized mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually?
  4. Have you wished you had better focus and concentration?
  5. Are you ready to pour the same energy and attention into yourself that you pour into others?
  6. Does it seem like it's time for you to be more in control of your life happiness and overall well-being?
If these are relatable for you, then this DIY Life Coaching Program may be exactly the push you need to move in the right direction.

What is the Process?

First we will evaluate your dreams, desires, talents, and gifts and drill down to determine the one goal that will create the foundation for creating the life that is aligned with your purpose. Once that is established, you will be expected to show up for yourself for at least 3 hours weekly, whether that be an hour or so 2-3 days or 20-25 minutes daily. That's it. The program will guide and direct you as you complete tasks that will drive you closer and closer to achieving by Day 84 what you set out to accomplish on Day 1. You will begin to notice shifts in your mindset and perspective from the middle of the first week as you become more routine, intentional, and positive. The program entails several components which assist you in finding internal balance by rewiring elements of your neurology in order to shift your energy into alignment. This is imperative in order to allow your mind to create solutions instead of only seeing obstacles as well as to figure out what your unique motivations are! The next step is to focus on your level of emotional intelligence and bring you into a new state of perception that operates on a higher vibrational frequency than it did before which will allow you to visualize a new reality and ultimately create possibilities that your awareness did not allow previously. We then move into the more action-based, goal-oriented steps that will ramp up the intensity of your momentum and set you into flow. So, we begin with the mind, then we move into the spirit, then we incorporate the heart before integrating the body and once all systems are working together in the same direction, you will find yourself well on your way toward success. There are three things you must have - or decide to have if you haven't previously - in order to make this program work for you: Focus, Commitment, and Accountability. Do-It-Yourself means that you are essentially assuming the role of being your own Life Coach in order to execute the program on your own. If you are not sure you will be focused, committed, and accountable on your own, one of my one-on-one or group coaching programs may be better suited for you because those things are why a Life Coach makes such a difference - we help clients get past barriers like excuses, indifference, and lack of motivation in order to sincerely and purposely focus well enough to decide on the things you truly need to work on and then we provide direction along the way as well as accountability to ensure that you follow through and finish. Thorough and complete. That is the goal! I highly recommend incorporating mentors and coaches along your journey. I am a life coach, but I also have a life coach as well as several mentors. We all need support, no matter what our gifts and talents are. However, until you are ready to invest in that level of support, this DIY Life Coaching Program will at least bring you closer to that version of yourself that is fully and specifically intentional about the shifts necessary to make things happen in your life! Consistency is key. During the program, you will have all the tools at your disposal to get and stay motivated and on track such as schedules, guides and logs, worksheets, resources, evaluations, and even recordings which is the next best thing to me being there with you each step of the way. These recordings will include meditations and affirmations as well as messages that are directly linked to each week's tasks. ?I wish the best for you on your beautiful new path and whether or not you decide to invest in this program, just know that whatever it is that you desire, YOU DESERVE ALL OF IT!

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