There is a certain air of catharsis in writing letters we’ll never send. This book is a collection of those expressions that I imagine people wish they could share, but would instead opt to write and burn, releasing into the Universe the things that weigh too heavily on the soul. Writing this book was just as personally edifying as it was emotionally exhausting. It required digging deep to feel the things I had not processed, acknowledging my role in the experiences that have caused me pain, and taking the time to learn accountability rather than expending energy placing blame.

In this book, you will find letters that were written for the mind and for the body, for the heart and for the soul, to create a therapeutic form of inner chaos for the sake of achieving peace, wholeness, and forgiveness of self and others. There are letters about learning and teaching, tainting and purifying, binding and releasing, hurting and healing… These letters are an experience in lessons of your own interpersonal connections (and disconnections). They will scar you and heal you, only as secret letters do. I found a sense of control while simultaneously releasing that which is outside of my control.

These letters are about identifying polarizing truths to develop understanding and compassion. Truth isn’t always kind or attractive. It isn’t always positive or negative, right or wrong, acceptable, or fair. Truth often isn’t even absolute – it varies from one person to the next. Each person’s truth simply is what it is and it stands on its own. Even if their truth isn’t your truth, it’s equally valuable and valid. You only learn and grow from giving proper consideration to things and people you find it difficult for you to understand.

These letters are not all written from my perspective and are not intended to be read from my point of view, but rather to be understood from the place where the ideas meet and expand your own frame of mind. Allow what you read to become about you, about the people you know, about the experiences you’ve had, and about the things you’ve observed… only then will your consciousness be open to receiving new realizations.

Every letter in this book will resonate with you on different levels – many will remind you of several people, but most will bring to mind at least one person you can imagine yourself writing the letter to and at least one person you can imagine writing the letter to you…

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