Why Me, Though?

You keep asking me why I chose you
and it is a hard question to form an answer to,
but all I know is that when I think of my future
it’s always your face that I’m staring into.
Baby, it was always you.

We share pieces of the same soul
and letting you go would mean a lifetime
of parts of myself being gone
that no one else can ever replace.
You are a collective of what’s missing from me
and I know when you look at me, you see the same.

It’s you because when we’re disconnected, I’m not strong.
We’ve wasted so much time when it was you all along
and spending more time without you just feels wrong.

How do I explain being in love with you?
How does it make sense the things that your voice can do?
How does anyone explain needing another person?
How can I make you understand
how all of your flaws make you perfect?
Or how my hands hurt
when I think about touching you and I can’t?
You want to know why I chose you
as though this was part of my plan.

It wasn’t though.

How do I explain to you what it feels like to cry myself to sleep
because the thought
of living a life that doesn’t include you is agonizing?
I want to be with you
because with you is where I’m supposed to be.
We are the same person,
and we’re better when our hearts share this beat.
I didn’t choose you, baby.
You were made for me.
You’re my other half and no matter how whole I am on my own,
I’m a different level of complete when I’m inside your arms.

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